Lean IT is the application of Lean principles to the management of information technology.  Lean has its origins in manufacturing, as a way of minimizing defects and reducing waste.  These principles transfer nicely to IT management as we seek to minimize costs, maximize value, and improve flow.

The Lean IT Association (LITA) provides guidance and standards around the application of Lean principles to IT management. The LITA certification scheme has three levels: Foundation, Practitioner, and Professional.

LITA Certification Scheme

For more details about Lean IT practices, publications, and materials, please visit the Lean IT Association website.

Grayematter Consulting, LLC, is accredited - as an affiliate of ITpreneurs and EXIN - to deliver the Lean IT training below.


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Lean IT Foundation

Get the essentials of Lean IT in this two-day course. The Lean IT Foundation module gives professionals a comprehensive introduction to Lean, including:

  • Lean concepts of waste, overburden, and variability
  • Value streams, value stream mapping, flow, and pull
  • Quality improvement with Plan-Do-Check-Act
  • Customer identification and the Voice of the Customer
  • The SIPOC model
  • Identifying improvement metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Visual management and Kanban
  • Problem solving with DMAIC, Ishikawa, 5 Whys, A3

We currently offer the Lean IT Foundation course and exam.  We will investigate advanced courses and certifications as demand requires.

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